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This year, we will be in charge of the festival magazines for the GRASPOP, and WACKEN OPEN AIR again, naturally in close cooperation with the promoters. These festival magazines are considered a low-cost service for visitors of logistically demanding festivals. After all, it’s not easy to keep track of what’s going on where. And with a retail price of EUR2.00, everyone can afford to buy a copy. Experience shows that free magazines at other festivals tend to merely litter the landscape, so companies benefit less from advertising in these magazines although the rates are higher.

The editorial section of our magazine highlights most of the artists that appear at the festival, providing an extensive programmer as well as important basic information plus a very handy site map.

The magazines for 2023 will also cover subjects that are of general interest to the audience, involving the fans even more in the events. Product information about the latest technology on the video and hi-fi sector will be included, as well as test reports introducing new instruments.

Please contact our office as early as possible about presentations so we can include them as part of our editorial coverage in the festival magazine.

Get in touch with our office soon so we can include YOUR topics in our schedule in good time.

Our internationally renowned editorial team guarantees expert coverage of all subjects.

Product competitions may be included, provided that they are agreed with the publishers in time to guarantee optimum presentation.


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