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Terms and Conditions

All prices are subject to VAT. The hire charge is due in cash before the stall is erected or must be transferred to our account in advance. In certain cases the fee may be due in advance on receipt of invoice. The depth of the stall must always be adapted to local conditions, but must be no deeper than 8 m max. The charge is always based on the longest side of the stall. This contract is subject to itinerant trade stipulations. The itinerant trade authorisation card must be presented on request. The stall holder is a registered trader and fully aware of their rights and obligations.

The following items or merchandise must not be sold under any circumstances: drugs; arms; bootleg recordings; food & drink; pornographic or other indexed items; tobacco, cigarettes etc.

The sale and the free distribution of band/artist merchandise of acts appearing at the festival is also prohibited as these rights have been granted exclusively. The manufacture, sale and free distribution of festival-related merchandise is also prohibited.

The equipment for stalls in the outer area must be provided by the traders. Traders must provide sufficient cables. All electrical equipment must be standardised according to VDE regulations. Traders shall be held responsible for power cuts and any resulting damage. The constructions have to be secured sufficiently as not to endanger public safety. Stall holders have a legal duty to maintain safety. The stalls must comply with safety regulations and must carry a TÜV seal of approval where necessary. Stall holders are solely liable for any damage that they may cause. Stall holders are obliged to take out adequate liability insurance. Stall holders shall cover any costs caused by alterations to stalls due to organisational/logistical changes.
The authorities must be allowed access at all times.

Sales of vendor's trays are only permitted with express written permission. Otherwise they are not permitted. If the event has an exclusive cashless payment system, the acceptance of any other means of payment is prohibited. Non-compliance will result in the closure of the stand. The exact procedure of the cashless payment system can be found in the respective house rules.

Staff aged 18 or above are subject to the Labour Act of 6 June 1994 (BGBI I S.1170), last amended by BGBI I, p. 1242 of 9 June 1998, specifically §§4 and 5 relating to breaks and rest periods.
Young persons under 18 are subject to the Protection of Young Persons at Work Places Regulations of 12 April 1976 (BGBI I, p. 965), last amended by BGBI IS. 164 of 26 January 1998.
Every staff member working on a Sunday must be granted an additional rest day within two weeks, at the very latest on the second Sunday following the Sunday worked. Each compensatory rest day must be itemised separately on the staff member’s time sheet.
Pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers and young persons must not be employed on Sundays and bank holidays. Children must not be employed either.

Stall holders release the promoter and Messrs. Wiehagen from any third-party liability for damages of any kind caused by themselves or their employees. Stall holders shall ensure that neither they nor their employees shall be under the influence of alcohol or any kind of drugs during the erection and dismantling of their stalls and during the whole event. Stalls will be designed in an upmarket style, in line with the event. This contract becomes valid on receipt of the registration confirmation. A fee of 40% from the 30th day before the event and 100% from the 10th day before the event will be charged for cancellations. Cancellations must be issued in writing. In cases of oversubscriptions or other circumstances for which we cannot be held responsible, we reserve the right not to issue a confirmation of registration. This contract covers the hire of the floor space only. Stall positions cannot be guaranteed.

Access authorisation to the traders’ area (traders’ wristbands) may only be handed out to stall operators’ staff. The selling or passing on of wristbands to unauthorised persons is illegal under any circumstances and will result in an immediate ban of the trader from the festival without refund of the hire charge.

It is prohibited to sell or distribute religious items at the stall (signs, symbols, pamphets or other printed matter)!

Tables are provided for traders in the METAL MARKET tent.
The term “cleaning” only refers to the removal of waste. Any waste must be kept in boxes or bin liners. A deposit of EUR 100.00 per stall will be charged, which will be returned once the area has been vacated in a satisfactory condition. Should the event be cancelled for any reason, only the stall fee paid up to that point will be refunded. In excess of this, there shall be no legal claims. Verbal agreements shall not be considered binding.

The authorities and staff members of Wiehagen Publishing & Eventservice shall be authorised to take photographs/videos of the sales/promotion stalls at all times!

Legal effect of this document:
Should parts or individual phrasings in this agreement be or become fully or partly invalid, this shall not affect the overall validity of the agreement. An invalid provision shall be replaced by a valid provision of similar content, with corresponding economic effect.
The parties hereby submit to the jurisdiction of the court of Werl, Germany.

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