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Rock Harz Festival

03. – 06. July 2024

Ballenstedt (Harz)



Rock Harz Festival

The gates will open for traders on Wednesday!

Hardly anyone remembers the time when the Rock Harz Festival was still held in Osterode. The only thing that has remained is the familiar character. Since then, the festival has evolved and is now one of the most popular festivals in Germany.

It is now impossible to imagine Ballenstedt - Asmusstedt without Rock Harz. Two stages make it possible to enjoy all the bands without any overlaps. The campsite directly adjacent to the festival site is ideal for taking a nap in between. Last time, more than 24,000 visitors came to the area that once divided East and West Germany. The same number of visitors is expected this year. It’s sold out!

The new regulation is: Each trader may only book 1 stand. 
The maximum size of a stand is 10 meters.

Rock Harz Festival

Rock Harz Festival

Rock Harz Festival

Rock Harz Festival

Rock Harz Festival

Rates 2024


03. - 06.07.2024

Non-food trader EUR 180.00 per running meter,
plus EUR 160.00 ancillary costs

Start of set-up: 01.07.2024 from 12.00 noon

Number of visitors expected by the promoters