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Full Force

Full Force

21. - 23.06.2024

Ferropolis – Germany





And how right Winston McCall is! Five bucket-wheel and bucket-chain excavators up to 130m long and 30m high watch over FULL FORCE Island on Lake Gremmin, the coolest peninsula you've ever seen! These impressive monuments to industrial history give the FULL FORCE Festival its outstanding atmosphere, which all visitors will remember for a long time.

Where lignite was once mined, the FULL FORCE Holidays are now celebrated every year. With several beaches on the festival site, Ferropolis offers a unique festival backdrop that is second to none. Where else can you enjoy your favorite bands with your feet in the water?

Ferropolis is centrally located between Berlin and Leipzig, around 20 km from Dessau in Saxony-Anhalt. The peninsula is easily accessible via Gräfenhainichen station by train from Berlin via Lutherstadt Wittenberg or directly from Leipzig. Shuttle buses run from Gräfenhainichen to Ferropolis at regular intervals.

As most retailers know, in 2022 we refused to take over the stand rental for the Full Force because there was no way to let even a few retailers onto the festival site. On the contrary. The non-food retailers were far away from any walkways. Cashless was also introduced in 2022. Well, there's no way around cashless. Last year, however, the organizer made sure that the payment was made quickly. We were promised the same for this year. As you know, we are also making sure that this happens.

Now to the stand positions: There are a limited number of stands in the entrance area behind the entrance gates on the left-hand side. Unfortunately, there will be no space on the right-hand side as there is a stage there.

Further dealer areas in the infield are still being clarified.

As last year, there will be another area in the camping area with a reduced stand fee. Care has also been taken to ensure that visitors are not shuttled past this area. This was one of the main points of criticism in 2019.

Rates 2024


21.- 23.06.2024

Non-food trader EUR 240.00 per running mtr. at 5m depth
plus 250.00 EUR ancillary costs incl. cashless device rental

Start of set-up: 20.06.2024 - from 12.00 noon

Camping Area

21.- 23.06.2024

Non-food trader 150.00 EUR per running mtr. at 8m depth
plus 250.00 EUR ancillary costs incl. cashless device rental
Start of set-up: 20.06.2024 - from 10.00 a.m.

We waive a garbage deposit, as the organizer will retain 300,--€ if the area is not left properly!!!

Number of visitors expected by the promoters